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The opportunities that international markets offer is a realm out of reach for the majority of small size businesses as they tend to lack the resources, and know how to approach and successfully begin trade. This of course limits their range or market potential and often times traps them in saturated, overly competitive domestic markets.

I.R.D.I. Business Group offers a comprehensive range of services and communication tools to provide you and your business the necessary infrastructural support to expand, find new customers, buyers, and commercial partners, localize your business material and communicate with confidence.

Our experienced team members trade specialists, researchers, customs specialists, and legal council. can assist your company with introductions to professionals relevant to their business. We are able to support your business in over 40 Languages opening the world to you.

We will work with you hand and hand to build a business strategy step by step to increase the range of your company and then execute the plan. We are here to provide real world solutions for your real world problems.

I.R.D.I. Business Group is your “one stop” international, multi-lingual business solutions firm.

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