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Through International Research Services, small businesses, companies and organizations can now expand their range and thoroughly research international opportunities and markets. Full time researchers are here to locate Manufacturers, Distributors, Buyers, Sellers, Wholesalers, Suppliers, Farmers or Growers, and products you wish to acquire.

For small businesses is a tremendous advantage as they are no longer limited by their scale or resource base. Now, small businesses are able to acquire facts and information directly from a region accessing sources and difficult to reach resources as a native of the region would.

Another added advantage is that you will no longer need to tie up your company’s resources and time, trying to research your desired region or market. Not to mention over coming language barriers. Our researcher will not only research your interest, but will also translate all information pertaining to the research (free of charge).

Feasibility studies and reports about the probable success of your product or service in relation to your target market will be performed. We will also consult you on how best to attract clients and penetrate new customer bases. As well highlight areas that maybe obstacles or potential threats to your success within your target market and inform you of things that are just incompatible, because of lifestyle, or cultural differences.

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