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Managerial Accounting Services

Our Managerial Accounting Services provide the following services for your company for small businesses.

Primary Accounting Setup: Consolidate financial information for client.

Annual Reports: generated annually to reflect compliancy of financial plans in monitoring target goals.

Periodic Reports Services: A more intimate reflection of your account activity and financial flows staggered in monthly, 3 month, or 6 month reviews over 1 year.

Budget & Cash Flow: Budget and cash flow services outline and merge budget goals and cash flow trends.

Business Evaluation: Review business activity in relation to your company records and market goals. This will insure your goals and financial forecasting are met.

Product & Service Pricing Service: Essential to insure your product and services are in cohesion and products are competitively priced. This Services also transcend boarder into the foreign markets your to insure your competitively priced in relation to your competitors in your target market.

Risk Management: Outlines all spheres of your business and resources flows that could be areas of risk and implement measures to minimize those risks.

Profit Planning Services: Strategic Planning, Planning Costs and Controls, Job Order Costing, Profit Relationships, Computing Profit Margins Comparison of Production Reports, Budgeting, Budget period, Sales Forecasting, Master Budget preparation, Sales Budgeting, Production Budgeting, Merchandising, Direct Material, and labor Budgeting, Budgets of quantity and reorder points Development of Overhead Budgeting, Development of Budgeted Balance sheets and Statistics.

Overhead Analysis: Multi Regression Analysis, Break Even Analysis, Overhead Performance Reports, Spending and Efficiency Reports. Pricing of products and Services, Capital Budgeting, Statement Preparation cash flows, Gross or Net statement preparation

Direct or Indirect Reporting, Gains and Losses report of Assets, Differences in handling of data.

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