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When trying to establish a contact with a distributor internationally small business suppliers, growers, and manufacturers are often resigned to using the same exhausted avenues everyone else in their industry is funneled to by Embassies, Consulates or Commerce agencies. Needless to say 9 times out of 10 these avenues are overly saturated and stagnate. With you paying a large annual fee to sit on a long list. Such government or State affiliated services are designed to support large operations those that actually control the market , so smaller operations, grower, boutique wineries etc. are usually overlooked because they are unable to the satisfy the preset terms of the nationwide distributors that such Government or State offices only work through.

I.R.D.I. Business Group services are designed to support smaller operations at a grassroots level. We hold personal relationship directly to smaller chain suppliers and distributors. This means we actually pick up the phone and schedule face to face appointments to meet with distributors on your behalf. This ensures the uniqueness and individuality of your company is intact as we tell your story. For example in Japan our team members are former executive managers of Mitsui Bussan (Japan's largest trade company) whom have held personal relationships with distributor heads for many years. With our support we are also able to expand into untouched markets.

Point being, for wine sales in Japan 90% of all imported wines are focused to the Tokyo region which is highly competitive. Through our services we are able to approach the Japanese market as a domestic company would and focus on the rest of the 90% percent of the country where premium wines are not present, excluding Tokyo.

We use the same personalized touch that you use.

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