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Greetings and welcome to I.R.D.I. Business Group®.

Working in support of Tourism and International Trade Commerce for the State of California, specializing in Pacific Rim affairs, gave our firm an acute understanding of the vital connections and importance national and international markets have to both California's and world economies.

Specializing in Economist Development and global commerce two major points became apparent. First was that the vast majority of small and mid size companies were constrained to local markets which were saturated and overly competitive. This meant not only were they absent from the national stage, but were missing out on international markets.

Secondly, many small businesses were struggling with the management of various parts of their business. Such as company structure, business operation,financial cash controls, employee training, market development strategies and after sales to name a few.

As a united team of professionals our goal was then to develop a platform with the focus of two priorities. One was to provide international trade and market development business support to allow nice market producers, small and mid size companies access into sometimes guarded abundant resource rich international markets such as Japan, China, Korea, and parts of Europe. And secondly to make sure these services were cost effective and accessible for small businesses.

With the economical down turn niche producers and small businesses need to think globally.

Together we look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you to provide you with the business support and market opportunities to maximize opportunities for today and on into the future.

With integrity, ethics, and professionalism we stand not just for California but for the global community.

Once more allow us to welcome you.


From all of us here at I.R.D.I. Business Group®

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